April 29, 2011

T. Rex & Ty Rex :: "Salamanda Palaganda"

On Record Store Day, Ty Segall released a six-song EP of T. Rex covers dubbed Ty Rex. One of the most compelling covers on the EP is "Salamanda Palaganda." When the track was originally released in 1968 on the LP Prophets, Seers & Sages, T. Rex was then known as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Marc Bolan hadn't yet achieved the level of mainstream success he would later in the 1970s as a glam rock god. Here, on the bongo and acoustic guitar-filled "Salamanda Palaganda," Bolan was still just a psychadelic folk artist, albeit an exceptionally creative one. That's why it's so interesting to hear Segall's version, as it's the first time the song has really been electrified. Thanks to Ty Rex, this oddly worded gem finally gets the glam rock treatment it's always deserved.

Ty Segall - "Salamanda Palaganda" (from Ty Rex)
Tyrannosaurus Rex - "Salamanda Palganda" (from Prophets, Seers, & Sages)

Ty Rex - EP - Ty Segall

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