April 21, 2011

The Limiñanas - "AF3458"

The seductive nonchalance of Perpignan's The Limiñanas immediately brings to mind a young Velvet Underground—albiet in French—especially the fuzzy tonal influence of John Cale. The drifting distorted guitars, the unhurried percussive stroll, and even-keeled vocal delivery all clearly demonstrate this group knows how to play it cool. Back in March, the Limiñanas put out a 7" on SDZ Records featuring the track "AF3458." The mysterious title lends itself well to the group's vintage and vaguely psychedelic 1960s aesthetic. Here, a march of drums, tambourine, and finger-picked acoustic guitar work their way into a hypnotic trance before a wave of electric guitar washes over the scene with a vibrant dissonance.

The Limiñanas - "I'm Dead" (from I'm Dead 7")

The Liminanas

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