April 13, 2011

Headed For The Ditch: A Tribute To Neil Young

Universal Electricity, aka the band Vacation, has curated a compilation of Neil Young covers featuring an amazing collection of promising young acts like Foxes In Fiction, Ghost Animal and Breakfast In Fur. Download all 14 tracks from the bands below as a zip file.

Breakfast In Fur will also be re-releasing their stunning debut on vinyl on our own Analog Edition imprint. It's a hell of a debut that features a mesmerizing assortment of playful, psychedelic, and dreamy acoustic-based songs littered with infectious pop hooks. The EP will be pressed on 10" vinyl as an edition of 500 with the exclusive never before heard track "Ghost Story." Pre-order your wax here.

Headed For The Ditch track list:
1. Lost Boy? - "Hey Babe (Butchered Version)"
2. Fossil Cities - "After The Gold Rush"
3. Quilt - "Sugar Mountain"
4. Kind Spirit - "Lotta Love"
5. Medallions - "Like A Hurricane"
6. Warm Body - "See The Sky About To Rain"
7. Vacation - "Barstool Blues"
8. Ivana XL - "Heart of Gold"
9. Foxes In Fiction - "Tell Me Why"
10. Emily Reo - "On The Beach"
11. Teen Daze - "Harvest Moon"
12. Brown Bread - "Pocahontas"
13. Ghost Animal - "Helpless"
14. Breakfast In Fur - "Cripple Creek Ferry"

Artwork for the compilation is by Breakfast In Fur's own Kaitlin Van Pelt.

Breakfast In Fur - "Cripple Creek Ferry" (from Headed For The Ditch)
Foxes In Fiction - "Tell Me Why" (from Headed For The Ditch)
Teen Daze - "Harvest Moon" (from Headed For The Ditch)

Neil Young

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