April 21, 2011

Dawes - "If I Wanted Someone"

It seems that inbetween recording an album and touring the country with Middle Brother and playing backup for the legendary Robbie Robertson, Taylor Goldsmith and the rest of Dawes had time to work on their own record—Nothing Is Wrong, due out on June 7th. This morning we get our first taste of the album with "If I Wanted Someone," which adds a bit more rock & roll edge to the band's already potent Laurel Canyon sound. "If I wanted someone to clean me up, I'd find myself a maid / If I wanted someone to spend my money, I wouldn't even get paid," sings Goldsmith with a bit of fire on his breath. Hearing the "maid" lyric and gritty gain-filled guitar soloing, Neil Young and Crazy Horse inevitably come to mind. But what's really happening here is a band finding fresh legs and fleshing out their sound with newly added weight. Like a boxer heading to the ring, Dawes sound like they're flexing their muscles readying for a fight.

Dawes - "If I Wanted Someone" (from Nothing Is Wrong)

When My Time Comes - North Hills


  1. Track list:
    1. Time Spent in Los Angeles
    2. If I Wanted Someone
    3. My Way Back Home
    4. Coming Back to a Man
    5. So Well
    6. How Far We’ve Come
    7. Fire Away
    8. Moon in the Water
    9. Million Dollar Bill (appeared on the Middle Brother LP)
    10. The You Laugh
    11. A Little Bit of Everything

  2. So excited for this album. Incredible band. Thanks, Everybody Taste, for your unwavering support of good music.

  3. Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by!

  4. Laughingboy7/8/11, 6:28 AM

    It's just like Jackson Browne fronting a less fried / more "controlled" crazy horse - certainly fine but kinda "knowing" at the same time? Loving the site - keep up the great work. Laughingboy.