April 27, 2011

Au Ras Au Ras - "Jon"

Generationals drummer Tess Brunet recently posted an unmastered cut from her forthcoming solo debut as Au Ras Au Ras. I've been keeping a close eye on the project since helping Kickstart it back in October, and then perhaps even more so after learning Everybody Taste favorite Seth Kauffman of Floating Action would be producing playing on the record. "Jon," set on a train with a lovelorn drifting narrator, is a promising taste of things to come with a raw bass and soft organ riding on top of steady uptempo drums and Brunet's honeyed intimate vocals. More details and a release date to come. For now, follow Brunet on Twitter or Facebook for updates.


1 comment:

  1. Not bad.. First time hearing her music so it would be nice to listen to it a few more times to have a more honest opinion about it. But overall, it's pretty good.