March 12, 2011

Streaming/Fondling: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Crystal Stilts, Holy Ghost! & Black Lips

Welcome to another edition of Streaming and Fondling, where we post amazing songs that you can't have (yet). This edition of teases includes brand spanking new jams from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Crystal Stilts, Holy Ghost! and The Black Lips.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - "Morning Thought" (from It's A Corporate World, out June 7th)
If you thought this duo's pop chops peaked on their debut Horse Power EP, well, you'd be wrong. Newly refined and resharpened, "Morning Thought" takes the band's previous synth-driven aesthetic into a more dynamic and densely packed setting that feels almost like a rabbit-hole into another pop universe—one packed with honey-dripped melodies and a chorus of candied percussive blips, clacks and smacks.

Crystal Stilts - "Shake The Shackles" (from In Love With Oblivion, out April 12th)
Occasionally, reverb is used as a protective shroud of sorts for mediocre bands to hide their limited talents behind. Other times it just sounds bad ass. The jangling guitar-slashed single "Shake The Shackles" would be the latter case, where the effect lends baritone-voiced singer Brad Hargett a dark and mysterious appeal. The song somehow manages to be uptempo and anthemic while never losing its laid back and heady cool.

Holy Ghost! - "Jam For Jerry" (from Holy Ghost!, out April 5th)
Holy Ghost? More like holy New Order. A tribute of sorts to the late !!! and Juan MacLean drummer Jerry Fuchs, the song "Jam For Jerry" immediately recalls Bernard Sumner's magical ability to turn even the saddest reflection into a feverish and celebratory all-night dance party.

Black Lips - "Go Out and Get It" (from Arabian Mountain, out June 7th)
I'm not sure how the Black Lips—wild garage rockers and kings of debauchery—wound up pairing with English soul producer Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Adele, Wale, and Duran Duran), but the first single from their forthcoming collaboration, Arabia Mountain, certainly points to evidence of a more straightforward and hook-laden pop sound for the Lips. The video for the album's first single "Go Out and Get It" features the Vivian Girls and Lips partying on their recent "bruise cruise"—a combination booze cruise and garage rock festival.

Black Lips

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