August 6, 2009

Digging For Covers: Talking Heads meet American Psycho

I can't vouch for this electro-pop cover of the classic Talking Heads anthem "This Must Be The Place," but I can say that actor Miles Fisher's video—a medley of recreated scenes from the film American Psycho—is absolutely hilarious. I went to high school with Fisher in Washington, DC and his take on Christian Bale's performance as the sociopath Patrick Bateman was spot on even back then. If you haven't watched the film or read Bret Easton Ellis's source material, I highly recommend them both—twisted and uproarious parodies of 1980s materialism. Fisher nails Bateman's mannerisms and speech here, especially during the monologue at the video's halfway mark.

Miles Fisher - "This Must Be The Place" (download the entire EP for free at Amie Street)


  1. great acting indeed and clever staging/props - but the cover of Must Be The Place sux out loud.

  2. Haha, I would have to agree Jim.

  3. i kinda like the cover after a few plays