May 7, 2009

Sour Whiskey: Port O'Brien's "Whiskey Song"

The Bay Area's Port O'Brien sound as if they're from a different era: where the melodies are still longwinded and sweet, hair grows and stays long, and people drunkenly dance and sing old folk songs into the early morning light. The band--comprised of a commercial fisherman, baker, and two cannery workers--tell earnest stories ("Fisherman's Son") that paint the songwriters' well-worn landscapes ("Stuck on a Boat"). While the group-sung and high-energy "I Woke Up Today" is easily the band's best song, it's the quietly addictive melody of "Whiskey Song" off the band's two-song Winter release that always seeps into my brain, lingering for days at a time. [note: the picture above is an ink and watercolor work by artist Matt Leines

Port O'Brien - "Whiskey Song" (from Winter)

Port O'Brien


  1. did the bear eat the man or did the man kill the bear and wear him? or is it a wild man-bear?

  2. "half man, half bear, half pig. manbearpig."